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Turbocharger specialist

We have specialized in supplying new and remanufactured turbochargers since 1996. Our well-stocked inventory of new and remanufactured turbochargers allows us to supply almost any turbocharger directly.
We supply and remanufacture turbochargers for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, marine, water sports, stationary engines, tractors, racing, rally and upgrades.
You are welcome with your turbocharger, where our team of experts can provide you with all the turbocharger help you need.

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turbocharger replacement

Turbocharger replacement

Are you looking for a cost-effective, high-quality replacement for your defective turbocharger? Choose the replacement turbochargers from STK Turbo Technik to carry out repairs. Our replacement turbochargers combine the quality of a new turbocharger with the favourable price of a remanufactured turbocharger. With our range of exchange turbochargers, we offer you all common original parts in the exchange process. The proportion of new turbochargers used in the STK exchange process is now around 80%. Exchange turbochargers from STK Turbo Technik are original exchange parts from the series manufacturers or, if no longer available, from our own production in Wallmenroth, 100% Made in Germany. The original part manufacturers in the vehicle and engine industry now offer replacement turbochargers based on standard parts. In case of doubt, this is always the best choice. The price/performance ratio is just as good as the quality of the actual product.

Benefit from our expertise - worldwide. We are a global partner for end customers as well as for the automotive industry. Our product range for passenger cars includes classic replacement turbochargers, high-performance turbocharging systems with variable turbine geometry and multi-stage, regulated turbocharging systems that cover the aftermarket almost seamlessly.

What does a turbocharger replacement cost?

A turbocharger replacement for a car with a diesel engine costs around EUR 200 to EUR 800.

A turbocharger replacement for a car with a petrol engine costs around EUR 180 to EUR 800.

For a replacement turbocharger for a lorry with a diesel engine, the cost of a new turbocharger is around EUR 200 to EUR 1000.

Installation in our master workshop for a car costs from around 300 EUR.

The STK exchange program offers an extremely wide range of original parts, thanks to the active brand integration of all renowned manufacturers.

High availability due to high stock levels ensures that our customers, garages and dealers can run their activities smoothly while providing unrivalled technical support in customer care.

Simple exchange procedure

Excellent delivery capability

Customer-optimised price structure

Prerequisite for participation in the STK "old for new" exchange process:

We supply you with an exchange part and receive the old part back from you. In this procedure, an old part deposit is charged, which is refunded to you after the old part has been returned. It does not matter how badly damaged the old part is, as long as it is complete and not dismantled.

As the technology leader in the aftermarket in the field of engine turbocharging and a leading supplier of replacement turbochargers for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, we support our customers worldwide in serving new market segments with our STK Turbo Technik replacement turbochargers. Building on our thousandfold proven turbocharger series, we develop replacement concepts that enable you to fulfil current and future requirements.

STK Turbo Technik:
the specialist for remanufacturing turbochargers.

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